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TeijoConcept - Smart and Sustainable

TeijoCon offers a smart and sustainable solution for professional builders. TeijoConcept was first commercialized in Finland in 2000 and today there are four TeijoFactories applying the concept and operating in Finland. Now the innovative TeijoConcept is also available to partners worldwide. The six key features of the concept are described below.

Transportable Concrete Foundation

TeijoConcept utilizes a unique construction method based on a transportable concrete foundation.

Offsite Construction

Solid high-quality buildings are built offsite in dry and stable state-of-the-art factory conditions.

Prefabricated Buildings

The buildings are completely ready, including electricity, plumbing and interior decorations.

Building Plot Fully Prepared

The building plot is fully prepared with an even gravel ground and infratech & housetech: connections for electricity, water, waste and smart solutions.

Instantly Ready for Use

The completed building with its concrete foundation is transported from the factory directly to the site and mounted by using a special lifting system. Infratech & housetech are connected and then the building is instantly ready for use.

Mobile Buildings

The buildings can be easily relocated or exchanged for smaller or larger buildings later by using the unique lifting system.