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TeijoTube is an innovation for modular housing based on a revolutionary offsite building method.

TeijoTubes’ floors, ceilings and walls are built of solid wood. A patent is pending for the method and the product. Due to a carbon-neutral solid wood structure, TeijoTube creates a healthy and ecological living space. The wood structure is energy-efficient because it acts as insulation, and wall thickness can be adapted to local requirements. The outside surface material is pine heartwood - durable and renewable.

We believe in green building practices and strive to incorporate green materials in our products. Various low-energy solutions can also be integrated. These rigid high-quality buildings are built offsite in stable state-of-the-art factory conditions. TeijoTubes are easily transported and relocated by road, rail or ship due to their compact size (L=<12 m x W=3,5 m x H=3 m). Modules can be mounted, for example, on posts, beams or special transportable concrete foundations designed by TeijoConcept.

TeijoTubes’ application possibilities are endless. Developing areas and areas affected by natural disasters can be rebuilt fast with single modules. Cutting-edge and fully-equipped modular units can be mounted into multi-storied and elaborate apartment buildings. Whatever the use, all models meet the requirements of advanced, permanent housing. Furthermore, we continually seek to improve our models in close cooperation with our customers. TeijoTubes are modern and innovative, efficiently produced and affordable. Download brochure

TeijoTube living is smart and sustainable!

TeijoTube's standard module size is L=<12 m x W=3,5 m x H=3 m. Below you will find a few application models. Models can be customized.


• small homes
• vacation homes
• guest rooms
• travel resorts
• camping areas
• granny flats
• patrol rooms


• detached homes
• vacation homes
• offices
• shared housing
• welfare facilities
• ateliers
• recreational facilities


• rowhouses
• hotels and motels
• youth hostels
• assisted homes
• shelters
• duplexes
• cluster homes
• garden homes


• apartment buildings
• hotels and motels
• youth hostels
• student housing
• assisted homes
• office buildings
• garrison buildings